The Special Needs Registry is a free, secure safety tool that helps Santa Clarita Sheriffs recognize and respond to people with special needs. The Special Needs Registry (SNR) is maintained by the City of Santa Clarita in conjunction with the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Department.

SVC residents are invited to proactively provide information about a loved one with special needs of any age, who may require special assistance in an emergency or interaction with first responders. Deputies can access the information in the secure database when needed to assist residents with special needs.

When families or caregivers voluntarily register an individuals with special needs in the SNR deputies will:
1. Have a photograph, description and contact information for the person with special needs
2. Have information needed to find those who wander away from home or get lost
3. Be aware of special medical, safety and behavioral concerns of individuals with disabilities or medical conditions
4. Be aware of accommodations that may be needed in interacting with the person.

Parents and caregivers may enroll a person of any age with any type of medical condition or disability, including but not limited to: Autism, Spectrum Disorder, Alzheimer’s or Dementia, Bipolar Disorder, Down Syndrome, Epilepsy. Adults with special needs may also enroll themselves to provide important information in case of emergency.

Start by registering a account!

The secure information you provide will be instantly available to authorized members of the Sheriff's department for use in an emergency. It is visible only to you, the Sheriffs and the program administrators.

Parents or caregivers who register a family member and adults who register themselves in the Santa Clarita Special Needs Registry authorize the release of the personal information to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Santa Clarita Station personnel may use the information to help identify and assist the individual during an emergency or other encounter with first responders. Participation in the Special Needs Registry is voluntary and does not guarantee any special treatment. Parents, caregivers and adults who register themselves are responsible for the accuracy of the information and for updating the information when it changes or annually. Registrations will be removed and destroyed if not updated after two years.